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Rare disease researchers workflow is that they submit their raw data (fastq), run the mapping and variant calling RD-Connect pipeline and obtain unannotated gvcf files to further submit to the RD-Connect GPAP or analyse on their own.

This demonstrator focuses on the variant calling pipeline. The raw genomic data is processed using the RD-Connect pipeline (Laurie et al., 2016) running on the standards (GA4GH) compliant, interoperable container ...

Type: Nextflow

Creators: José Mª Fernández, Víctor Fernández

Submitters: Laura Rodriguez-Navas, José Mª Fernández


This implementation was done for the ELIXIR EXCELERATE Demonstrator to be run on WES-TES environment.

There is also task related to input file transfer (curl) and the output file transfer to a private FTP server. The needed URLs and FTP credential are given as input parameters.

The input files are assumed to come from a web server. Idea there is to make some configurations more modular and some tools like lftp or curl have easier to write script parameter files instead of command line parameters. ...

Type: Common Workflow Language

Creators: Laura Rodriguez-Navas, José Mª Fernández

Submitter: Laura Rodriguez-Navas

No description specified

Type: Galaxy

Creator: Giacomo Tartari

Submitter: Laura Rodriguez-Navas

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