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Workflow Type: Common Workflow Language

Runs InterProScan on batches of sequences to retrieve functional annotations.


ID Name Description Type
inputFile Input file path Optional, path to fasta file that should be loaded on Master startup. Alternatively, in CONVERT mode, the InterProScan 5 XML file to convert.
  • File
applications Analysis Optional, comma separated list of analyses. If this option is not set, ALL analyses will be run.
  • array containing
    • #InterProScan-apps.yaml/apps
outputFormat output format Optional, case-insensitive, comma separated list of output formats. Supported formats are TSV, XML, JSON, GFF3, HTML and SVG. Default for protein sequences are TSV, XML and GFF3, or for nucleotide sequences GFF3 and XML.
  • array containing
    • #InterProScan-protein_formats.yaml/protein_formats
databases n/a n/a
  • Directory
chunk_size n/a n/a
  • int
disableResidueAnnotation Disables residue annotation Optional, excludes sites from the XML, JSON output.
  • boolean
seqtype Sequence type Optional, the type of the input sequences (dna/rna (n) or protein (p)). The default sequence type is protein.
  • <strong>enum</strong> of: #main/seqtype/seqtype/p, #main/seqtype/seqtype/n
catOutputFileName n/a n/a
  • string


ID Name Description
combine_interproscan_results n/a n/a
run_interproscan Run InterProScan on chunked sequence files n/a
split_seqs n/a n/a


ID Name Description Type
i5Annotations n/a n/a
  • File

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