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COnSensus Interaction Network InFErence Service

Inference framework for reconstructing networks using a consensus approach between multiple methods and data sources.

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Manica, Matteo, Charlotte, Bunne, Roland, Mathis, Joris, Cadow, Mehmet Eren, Ahsen, Gustavo A, Stolovitzky, and María Rodríguez, Martínez. "COSIFER: a python package for the consensus inference of molecular interaction networks".Bioinformatics (2020).

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ID Name Description Type
data_matrix n/a Gene expression data matrix
  • File
gmt_filepath n/a Optional GMT file to perform inference on multiple gene sets
  • File?
index_col n/a Column index in the data. Defaults to None, a.k.a., no index
  • int?
outdir n/a Path to the output directory
  • string
separator n/a Separator for the data. Defaults to .
  • string?
samples_on_rows n/a Flag that indicates that data contain the samples on rows. Defaults to False.
  • boolean?


ID Name Description
cosifer n/a n/a


ID Name Description Type
resdir n/a n/a
  • Directory

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